terça-feira, janeiro 31, 2012

High waisted short!!

Hi Dollies!! Hope your all doing good!! It's just a regular day and kinda simple outfit,  but hope you'll like the Look though!! just paired my checkered polo w/ my black high waisted short!! By the way this is the only high waisted short that I owned!! Coz im a hater  before, ive known that it's not made for tiny people it will only make u look smaller!! but now that ive tried them..definitely wants to buy more in different colours!! 

Look of the Day
Polo Shirt- Random Boutique
Pearl necklace & Belt- Boutique
Shoes- Valera Prado

domingo, janeiro 29, 2012

Converse shoe nail art of the week!!

Hi Dollies!! how's your weekend??!! Here is my Nail Art of the week! It takes me an hour to do this converse nail art! I did enjoy when creating them! It's so easy guys,you just need a little patience!!
Enjoy the post and Enjoy your sunday!  

sexta-feira, janeiro 27, 2012

Tiger print!!

   I found this sweater so unique! Actually it can also be used as a Dress itself but I don't feel comportable that's why I decided to pair it w/ my black legging..and not to wear any accessories coz i just want the attention only on my sweater, to make it plain and chic at the same time. Did you find the Look simple?? Or much better that i use any accessories?

Look of the Day
Tiger Print Sweater & Leggings- Random boutique
Wedge Shoes- Passarela
Envelope Clutch- Thrifted

terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2012

Melissa shoes!

Are you familiar w/ plastic shoes or jelly shoes?? Here in Brazil, Melissa Shoes are one of the famous  shoe brand! So here are some of my wishlist shoes for this year of 2012..I already owned 2 Melissa shoes!! I will be posting them on my next LOOK..I Fell inlove w/ these pink Incense shoes definitely my next purchase along w/ the leopard print flats!! How about the 2nd one?? what can u say about the duckling heels?? Love it or hate it??? It's unique and absolutely anyone will take a second look! haha!  The 3rd, 4th and 6th im also inlove w/ them but still thinking twice... The last one just to show you that this is one of my dream shoes!! It's a bit expensive,because of it's swarovski crytal! Im waiting, waiting and still waiting for that cinderella flats to be on sale ..but i think the price will be forever worth of US300!!!!  How about you guys??? w/c one did you like the most?

domingo, janeiro 22, 2012

Black is Beautiful!!

Im Obsessed w/ this shoes..even though it's been a year now since i bought them!! definitely my favorite shoes ever maybe because it gives me confidence!! It's versatile to wear w/ any outfits w/o killing your feet just like any other shoes!! 
 What im Wearing;
Sweetheart Black Dress (J. Maria)
Accessories (Bijoux)
Shoes (Sonho dos Pes)
Satin Clutch bag (Gift from a friend)
Watch (Cibele)

 Anchor nail art of the week!

Enjoy the post!! Hope you all have a great Sunday!! By the way just want to thank my few followers!!

quinta-feira, janeiro 19, 2012

Nail Arts!

Hi guys just want to share w/ all of you some of the nail arts that  ive already done for the last few weeks!! Hope you all like it!! Im just a beginner in doing nail arts, you may thought that this nail arts are difficult to create! But i assure all of you guys that all of this are very easy and fun to create!! Just comment below if you want me to do some nail art tutorials!! 

Lady Bug nail art
 Monarch butterfly nail
 Checkered nail
 Pika pikachu
 Cute owl nail art and i painted the rest w/ polka dots

quarta-feira, janeiro 18, 2012

Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Review!!

It’s been a while since I last wore foundation simply because these days, I just prefer BB cream so much more. I've been using for the last 3 months already my Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream Plus! 

What is BB Cream?

BB Cream, also known as Blemish Balm (or beblesh balm) is a cosmetic product that was originally formulated in Germany. Patients who just received laser surgery used it and it would provide protection to the skin while also providing coverage. It grew very popular in South Korea and soon, it exploded all over Asia.

BB cream provides moisture, protection, coverage and can even improve the texture of the skin. These days, BB creams come in many different formulas; some even out skin tone, some help acne, some provide wrinkle improvement etc.

Most BB creams contain SPF, (some contains LOTS of SPF) which means whilst it will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, it can also make your skin ghastly. So I decided to give it a try on Skin 79 Oriental Gold BB Cream..

Ideal for dry/combination skin that needs whitening and wrinkle improvement, the Oriental Gold BB cream skin 79 replenishes skin’s much needed moisture and nutrients to keep it baby-smooth and flawless.

When  I bought my skin 79 oriental Gold BB cream, it also came up w/ two samples of other BB Cream..
So this Oriental Gold BB cream comes w/ it's own cheek and lip cream tint that i adore it doesnt feel greasy and goes on really natural and light.
So that's all I can say about these BB cream..
Until next time, stay well everybody!!

segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2012

sábado, janeiro 14, 2012

Adoro Macacao!

Hi guys!! It's my very 1st time to wear a jumpsuit.. i decided to try this even though im not sure if can wear it... ..I always think of maxi dress or any clothes that are too long are not made for small people..but look @ this one! I just love the outcome!! I'll probably buy maxi dresses, long skirts or jumpsuits to give a change in my closet and my style!!

domingo, janeiro 08, 2012

Sunny Sunday!

Hope you all had a happy sunday dollies!

Just can't get enough w/ my vestido or dress that i bought last year from Renner! Everytime im wearing it I always get some compliment from strangers!! Sandals from AD Lifestyle, just love the quality and unique style! My Hello Kitty bag bought when I was living in Japan..speaking of Japan..I want to go back there how I miss the winter snow!

sábado, janeiro 07, 2012

Great deals!

Happy weekend guys!! So here are some great deals that i found today! Im so excited to share w/ u! What can u say about this items that i've got?? did u like them? The shoes coz 40U$ each but got for only U$10! yay! and all the tops originally priced @ 15U$ and got them for only 3U$ each!! Can't wait to post a new outfit of the day w/ these shoes!! by the way Shoes from Pernambucanas and Tops from Caedu!!

Nail polish of the week I used pink nail polish as a base and Mira em 3D as a top coat! Just love the result!! (sorry for d bad quality of my camera)....
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