quarta-feira, julho 25, 2012

Comprinhas/Mini Haul

Hi guys! Just a quick post to show you the items that Ive purchased maybe 2 months ago from the Philippines, These two dresses below that I posted before, Im so excited to wear them! So keep an eye on my future Look of the Day! The green romper and accessories were bought here in Brazil, It's been a long time since I posted a mini haul, its just like sometimes I forgot to take some photos and others were just a regular clothing for everyday use or for work, So i think no need of posting them right?! Im just so inlove with these dresses that I need to share with you guys! Kisses Lee!

Oiee meninas! Tudo bem? Eu queria mostrar pra voces essas lindas vestidos que comprei la Filipinas, voces sabem ne, que eu nao so brasileira, da pra perceber ne?!! rsrsrsrs..
O texto aqui ta tudo errado, tomaram que voces me entenderam, Marido esta trabalhando ainda, por isso ninguem vai consertar meus inscrito aqui, bem ja fazia tempo desde que comprei essas dois vestidos abaixo, nossa demoram demais pra chega aqui nao sei porque eu tenho que paga ainda o taxa antes de receber, nao sei porque e assim aqui em brazil. Entao os accessorios e o macaquinho comprei aqui mesmo viu. E pouco peca comprei mais coisas so qui nao deu pra tirar fotos. Eu vou postar looks dessas vestidos na proxima vez. Beijos! lee

                                             Macaquinho/ Romper from C&A
                                                        Two cute necklaces

domingo, julho 22, 2012

Christian Louboutin Inspired Nails

Sexy and chic nails inspired by Christian Louboutin Shoes. 
I only used base, black, red and a top coat!  What do you think guys? 



quarta-feira, julho 18, 2012

Cinderella Shoes

The Delicate Crystal Shoes of Cinderella was finally turn into reality created by Christian Loubotin.
A peep toe shoes especially designed by one of the most famous Fairytale by  Disney.
Made with crystals and two applications of butterflies giving a delicate touch, the peep toe is made with lace and red sole.
Every girls dream right? The shoes was launch last week in Paris and only made 20 pairs of this model and will be distributed in shares of Disney Special  Worldwide.

domingo, julho 15, 2012

Black and White

Hi guys! Just a quick post here!
So you can probably notice my style here is a bit different from what I usually wear, This style using a high socks?  I lived in japan 4 years back and adopted this kind of japanese style. What do you think about this Look?

sexta-feira, julho 13, 2012

Furla Candy Bags

The yummylicious candy bag ever! Does anyone of my readers already own this bags? Looking forward to buy the blue one. But, unfortunately not sure yet when can I purchase one of this babies. Its expensive and not selling here in my country. So, export items costs double or triple the price when its come to shipping fees. (>_<). How frustrating right?! By the way sorry for luck of outfit post, Ive been a bad blogger this past two weeks. See you guys on my next outfit maybe tomorrow!

domingo, julho 08, 2012

My Leopard Nail Art

        Hello World! Leopard Print nail art!

         I just love this nude nail polish from risque that I feel lazy to create any design..
       But then, If I wont create any design, there is no blog post for today..So here it is!!
       The nail polishes that I used.


       Hope you all enjoyed your sunday! Kisses Lee
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