domingo, junho 24, 2012

My Red Mullet Dress

HI darlings! Remember the Mullet Dress that I posted before? I choose the red dress and already received this Dress that I purchase 2 weeks ago from Petit4you.com!  I decided to try 3 different shoes and belts. And my most favorite is the combination of black shoes and belt, and pop it up with gold details on my accessories. Which one did you like the most? Im waiting for the right event or occasion to dress it up! So you can probably see this dress again. Im so excited to wear and share with you dear bloggers!Kisses lee

Oiee Meninas! Eu recebi essa Mullet De Vestido Vermelho que comprei ha 2 semanas  da Loja Petit4you.com! Tentei de usar em 3 diferentes sapatos e sintos. Adorei o combinaçao do preto com vermelho. Qual voces gostaram mais? Eu estava esperando para usa-lo em algum evento ou ocasiao especial, mas como pode demorar, decidi  usa-lo  para tirar algumas fotos e compartilhar com voces esse vestido maravilhoso.  Beijos Lee


quinta-feira, junho 21, 2012

My Puzzled Nails

Im not sure if it's really looks like a puzzled nails! And im not planning to post this nail art coz even me im not convince. Hahah! But then decided to show you even though some part are already chipping away..I always do my nail every saturday or sunday. And since its already thursday it's normal that some part are already a mess and I only decided this morning to take some quick photos. 
What do you think?

terça-feira, junho 19, 2012

My Old New Shoes

Hi darlings! I have this old shoes that im not using anymore and want's to throw them away to give space for my new shoes, but I dont know why I can't let it go either, Then, I saw my cousin's painting materials, So that gave me an idea to recreate my Old to New Shoes! It's just like I bought a new shoes when I finish painting them. By the way I used this acrylex or acrylic to paint clothing material, I decided to paint them Aqua Blue with the hint of  pink.The only tools that I used here are Acrylex Blue and  Pink Ink, Painting brush and that's it.What do you think guys?

Ola amores! Eu tenho um sapato velho que nao uso mais, eu estava querendo jogar fora pra dar espaco para meus novo sapatos. Mas nao sei  porque nao consigo jogar fora . Entao, Eu vi os materiais da minha sobrinha para pintar. Isso me deu uma idea pra transformar meu velho sapato em um novo sapato! Parece que comprei um novo sapato quando terminei de pinta-lo! Eu usei aquela acrylex para tecido na cor Azul Fresco e Rosa Neon e um pincel  para pinta-lo. O que vcs acham do meu novo sapato? Gostaram? Beijos!

sábado, junho 16, 2012

Easy Nail Designs!

Hi guys! Here are some of the easy nail arts that I want to re-create! I just want to share to all of you and if you want you can try them. Kisses Lee

Ola flores! Aqui sao unhas decoradas de varias maneiras e nao e dificil! Queria compartilhar com voces! Beijos Lee.

terça-feira, junho 12, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Boots

Hi darlings!! I miss blogging so much! I just want to say a BIG thank you! Im on my way to 300 followers! So Overwhelming! Apologize for not posting Look of the day coz im not going out this past weekends due to busy working! Yes, working at home! So I only ended up doing my nail art of the week. So hope you all understand..And I'll answer all of your questions on my recent post soon about the plush nail art that I posted. And of course for those who followed me definitely following back too! Kisses!!

Oh by the way can you please help me im so inlove with these JC boots and i am planning to buy one pair soon..If I were you which one would you pick? Check out this at Petit4you.com  The lace, Camel, Black or gray?  Most votes will be my choice!! Lots love Lee..

domingo, junho 10, 2012

Unha De Pelucia/ Plush nails/ Fuzzy nails

Hi guys! It's been a while! So here is my nail art of the week! Plush nails or fuzzy nails? Are you familiar with plush nails? How cute right? Every girls here in brazil is wearing this type of nail fever. So ive been so curious and decided to try. So here it is! I bought in 3 colours!
So im not sure yet how many days it will lasts on my nails so let us see..Ill inform you guys after a week! I also want to try the other colors! What do you think? Would you also try them? I think you can find them on your local craft stores. I bought them at nail polishes store here.

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