sexta-feira, março 30, 2012

Simple Braid Tut!

I know most of you already knew how to do different types of braids.. And for those who doesnt know yet, here are the two simple braids that you can learn easily..maybe not that so easy for the beginners, but always remember practice makes perfect!! Goodluck Dollies!!

quinta-feira, março 29, 2012

Simple Outfit!

Hey Lovely bloggers!! So this is what I wore last sunday walking in the park with my son! Even though its already autumn im so happy that the sun is still shining. Im sure that the next days will be raining and cold mornings! 

Top- Renner
Shorts-AD Lifestyle
Gladiator Sandals- C&A

terça-feira, março 27, 2012

Asian Dress

Hi darlings!! Just want to share w/ you my recent purchase from an asian doll shop!! Im so excited!! Hope i can received them ASAP!! But I know it will take some time.. As I told you I both them from a friend in Asia and im here sooooo far away in south america.. But as soon as I received them Ill show them on my Look of the Day!! Which one did you like the most??

segunda-feira, março 26, 2012

Big Polka

We all knew that Polka dots are always trendy and will never go out of style! To tell you the truth ive been satiated by polka dots, coz since childhood I always have this polka dot obsession, Polka dots is very trendy in my country every new year! You wanna know why? I grew up believing that every New years eve when your wearing Polka dots you will have fortune and money for the upcoming year!
Polka dot means Money!! haha!! By the way enough of Polka dot history of mine..
This dress was already forgotten in my closet..Im quite sure that I only used it twice since i bought it two years ago along with the leopard print dress! When my husband saw this dress for the shoot he just teased me and called me "Minnie"!! 
What do you think of my outfit??

domingo, março 25, 2012

Cupcake nails!

Im a Cupcake Lover!! So this is what I decided to design on my nails! Hope you all Like it! Have a blessed sunday Loves!!

terça-feira, março 20, 2012

Autumn In my Heart

Hey loves! It's already autumn here! But Im so happy that the weather is still summery, So I decided to wear this Floral dress that I already forgot inside my closet!! I already keep some of my summer clothes and getting ready for Autumn!! Yes! Im so inlove w/ my Melissa Hot Pink Shoes! So You will be seeing this Melissa shoes in some of my future looks. Hope you won't mind then. This white feathery bags is actually for Winter but decided to pair it w/ my outfi I think it suite my dress.What do you think guys about my look?? 

domingo, março 18, 2012

Black Lace Nails

    Black lace nails is a very trendy design. Im not sure If this really looks like a Lace..What do you think guys?? But then, I enjoyed doing this nail art! By the way I use the Black crackled polish and applied diagonally. Hope you like it and have a wonderful Sunday!

quinta-feira, março 15, 2012

Versatile Top!

Oh how I love this white shirt of mine!! I can style it many times I can!!
Here im showing you my two favorite style everytime im wearing this top!! 

quarta-feira, março 14, 2012

New Loves!!

Im so excited to show you guys what I bought last week!! My most favorite purchase, of course my Melissa Incense  Hot Pink Jelly Shoes!! At last i found my size!! I checked out every internet outlet where I can buy this babies but I can't find my size nowhere!! Im so happy when I found out that the  nearest outlet here have my size!! Wuhuu!!! Enjoy My little Haul Darlings!! By the way I also Bought some accesories but forgot to add here!! I'll post my accessories haul maybe the next day.

     My husband bought this for me,  everyone knew that Leopard prints is one of my Obsession!! My  husband bought this from Quatro Estacoes Catalog

    This cute bag is so unique Is'nt It?? Actually this is a laptop bag! But I want it so badly that I will be        using it as a regular bag!! So cute!! Bought this bag from Bijoux!
                              Polka Dot Dress from Marissa and Pink Cardigan from Renner!!
                         How Lovely this ring organizer!! Im Inlove w/ her Pink dress! Bought from Bijoux!!

terça-feira, março 13, 2012

Gonna Miss You Summer!!!

Hey Darlings!!! I know all of you are excited for Summer, but here in Brazil Autumn is coming by next week so for sure ill gonna miss this season so much!! The weather was getting breezy and cold every single day!! So ive been enjoying this few days of  hot summer!! Oh by the way please excuse if I only have the sideview pose here!! I don't even know why!!?? I love this Dress so much because of the unique prints it have!! Ive been using it a lot every summer!!
Look of the Day
Dress- Forever21
Wedge Shoes- Passarela
Hello Kitty Bag- Japan

domingo, março 11, 2012

Purple Glitter Nails

 I bought the Impala Disco balls 2 weeks ago but I always ended doing nail designs. So today I decided to paint my nails w/ two coats of Colorama Noite Quente and  Mira em 3D Impala on my ring finger and paint the rest w/ Disco Ball Impala!! Voila!! Colorama and Impala are the two of my favorite Nail Polish they lasts a week w/o chipping away!!

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