sexta-feira, agosto 30, 2013

Melissa Animal Toe + Melissa Sin

                Ola melisseiras! A melissa de hoje e uma das melissas meio esquisito, Maioria gostaram e tambem muitos odeiam. Eu e uma delas que gostaram muito, e 90% so por caso do estampa de bicho, tem salto bem confortável. O que eu acho que deu destaque nele e os dedinhos que da pra perceber logo na frente do sapatos.

                    E aqui o Melissa sin que veio junto como brinde. Simplesmente nao gostei.rsrs Pelo menos da pra usar dentro de casa. Hahaha!

quinta-feira, agosto 29, 2013

The Fairy Hairbraid

                            The Fairy Hairbraid! Side swept haorbraid made by Fashionettista. So this is one of the things that makes me busy every weekend, Making my clients even prettier with my hairbraid creations and make up transformation. Im so loving my sideline, eventhough im not that professional enough, I'll make sure that they are satisfied and happy with the outcome. More Hairbraids every weekend for you guys! And thank you very much to my loyal reader's. Love you guys!

domingo, agosto 25, 2013

The Goddess Hairbraid

                     So, another new hairbraids to share with you guys! I call it The Goddess Hairbraid! What do you think about the name? I really love how I combined the three simple hairbraids and turned into special one and unique braid! I just secured the two both sides by using a booby pins and there u have! This hairbraid can be use in any special occasions and can use any hair acessories to make it more charming and romantic.

terça-feira, agosto 20, 2013

Chocolate Dripping Nails

                                             Hi Loves! My chocolate dripping yummy looking nails that I did last week! One of my friend told me that he wants to eat my nails! (hahah)! I used the pink matted polish first and then added some chocolate brown polish and just use the brush of the nail polish to create the dripping effect and after that just added some colorful confetti on top of chocolate brown polish. And that's it! Hope you all enjoyed the post!

segunda-feira, agosto 12, 2013

Adan's Ribs Hairbraid w/ the twist

                             Hi guys! Another cute and very easy Hairbraid! How I love doing hairbraids! So this is the Adan's Ribs style and give it another style by just pushing the hair inward and securing with the bobby pins. Isn't it looks so hard? But if you could only see how I did this you will probably tell me " Chicken" or what they called super duper east to the max" Heheh! Hope you like it!

segunda-feira, agosto 05, 2013

Simple and Chic

                                     Happy Monday Lovelies! How are you all? So here's my outfit last saturday. Im so dedicated to post new Look's for all of you. Inspired? Yes. I think so.. Well if you notice these past few weeks that im posting more on Leggings and jeans, It's been a while since I wore a Dress! Whoaa! Me too, I don't know why, maybe because im getting old and I feel more comportable using jeans and leggings recently. the maturity within me is already pushing me through. (hehe). I feel so confident and chic when I wore this for a walk & bit shopping with my family, and take note my husband love it too! What do you think guys?? Love it or hate it?

sexta-feira, agosto 02, 2013

Trança de Costela de Adão!

 Oie Amores! Mais uma vez outro trança que chama Costela de Adão que mega lindo e maravilhoso que pode usar em qualquer eventos! Adorei tanto que tirei muitos fotos! Mega facil e rapido de fazer, nao tem segredo nenhuma. Da pra ver que fiz outro trança com a minha amiga mas em breve posto mais fotos pra compartilhar com voces. Beijos! E bom final da semana pra voces! Aproveitem hein!!

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