segunda-feira, fevereiro 27, 2012

Leopard prints lover!!

Outfit Post
Dress- J. Maria
Bag- Bought from Japan
Acc- Bijoux
Shoes- Bought from Japan

You all knew guys how obsessed I am with Leopard prints! My husband hates this dress everytime I feel like wearing it. haha!! He always ask me to change something simple! But, tell me guys is this too eyecatching?? It gives me confident when im wearing it!

domingo, fevereiro 26, 2012

Strawberry (Morango) Nail art!!

Hey loves!! My nail design for this week is Strawberry!!...Does it looks like a strawberry or a tomato?? haha!!  All the nail designs that i created takes me more than an hour...sometimes it also depends on the designs im creating! Im not a professional nail artist..All the designs was inspired by Cutepolish..I love all of her designs and lovely voice!! Check her out on youtube and get inspired doing your nails!! By the way I created some of nail designs on my last posts please check them out!! Thank you and have a wonderful sunday! 

quinta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2012

Lavender Mood

Purple Top- Renner
Legging- Torra Torra
LV- Bag
Shoes- Pernambucanas
Acc- Bijoux
What can you say about the purple and green combi?? 

terça-feira, fevereiro 21, 2012

Online Purchase!

Hey loves!! Im excited to receive this items!! I purchased them on facebook online shop!! 

domingo, fevereiro 19, 2012

Sunday Look!

Hey dollies!! Do you know guys that it's Carnaval here in Brazil right now?? If only I can go to Rio de Janeiro to watch Sapucai or Samba! Maybe next year! By the way here is what I wore when I take my son for the fantasy costume party carnaval near where i lived.. I did'nt get to take some pictures because the carnaval only starts almost midnight here..
Sunday Look
White Top- Carrefour
Accessories- Bijoux
Sequined Short- Renner
Shoes- Vizzano
Clutch- Marisa

                                                                   Tribal Aztec Nail Art
                                I accidentally broke my nails...it's super short now...(TT)

sexta-feira, fevereiro 17, 2012

Hair Braids!!

Dirty Hair Hairstyles!
Hey loves!! Happy friday!! Todays post is all about hair braids!! My hairstyling course was just started 2 weeks ago and im so excited to learn these different types of hair braids!! 
In case you didnt know, dirty hair is able to hold a style much better and longer than when it's clean.
These looks are perfect for when you wake up too late to wash your hair...Trust me, you'll love the result way better.
Twisty Bun
All it takes to liven up a bun is to add a twist. It's easy, just twist pieces of hair back and include them in your bun for more romantic and dramatic look.

Fishtail Braid
To make this fishtail style last even longer and hold better, mist your hair w/ a volumizing spray, and then blow dry it with a round brush! The alcohol in the product will soak up the oil and add volume.

Waterfall Braid
This is one of the hairstyles that's way easier than it looks. This style works best on dirty hair because it provides a better anchor to hold the braid. This means no pins or bands are needed to secure it.

How fun is this look? It works best on long hair, since you need some length to tie it into a double knot. Before you strat, tease your hair w/a small toothed comb t create a textured base for the knot to stay in place.
Hope you enjoy the post and try them out on your hair! Practice makes perfect result guys!! Goodluck!

quarta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2012

My Dream Bags!!

Hey lovely dollies!! how is your weekdays?? Kinda busy right??! Me too..Just want to show you the two bags of my dream!! Maybe the LV Black bag I can buy it this year!! One of my wishlist Items!! But this pink or mustard Hermes bag will always be a dream bag for me..You all knew how expensive it is that's why it was called Women's dream Bag!!! How about you guys?? What are your Dreams bags??

                                                                    LV Bag

domingo, fevereiro 12, 2012

My Melissa Patchuli Wedge!!

You all knew guys that Im obsessed w/ rompers! This off shoulder romper was my very 1st romper that I bought..since then im always in the hunt of rompers any colour and style!! Ive told you before that 
I will post my Melissa shoes so here is one of them! When I saw this shoes in the internet im extremely inlove and can't sleep until i bought them!
 Look of the day
Tiara-Bought When i was in Japan
Shoes-Melissa Patchuli

Enjoy your sunday dollies!!

sábado, fevereiro 11, 2012

Pink & Green Combo!

Hey dollies!! My nail art design of the week Zebra prints! And look of the day! Pink and green combination!! Do you find that pink and green are perfect combo?? Let me know dollies if you like My look of the day outfit!! 

quarta-feira, fevereiro 08, 2012


Hey dollies!! Do you remember my last post of Melissa shoes?? Some of them are Pre-order, so that means they're not available yet!! The pink version of this Incense shoes that i am planning to buy?? Well. Ive changed my mind! Now im definetely obsessed w/ these glitter shoes! I had a flat glitter shoes but this one is so mezmerizing!! Can't wait to be mine!! I think this will be available only on April!!...And im dying to use it now!! Tell me are you also inlove w/ this shoes too??? Visit your local store if you can find melissa shoes in your country!!!

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