quarta-feira, março 14, 2012

New Loves!!

Im so excited to show you guys what I bought last week!! My most favorite purchase, of course my Melissa Incense  Hot Pink Jelly Shoes!! At last i found my size!! I checked out every internet outlet where I can buy this babies but I can't find my size nowhere!! Im so happy when I found out that the  nearest outlet here have my size!! Wuhuu!!! Enjoy My little Haul Darlings!! By the way I also Bought some accesories but forgot to add here!! I'll post my accessories haul maybe the next day.

     My husband bought this for me,  everyone knew that Leopard prints is one of my Obsession!! My  husband bought this from Quatro Estacoes Catalog

    This cute bag is so unique Is'nt It?? Actually this is a laptop bag! But I want it so badly that I will be        using it as a regular bag!! So cute!! Bought this bag from Bijoux!
                              Polka Dot Dress from Marissa and Pink Cardigan from Renner!!
                         How Lovely this ring organizer!! Im Inlove w/ her Pink dress! Bought from Bijoux!!

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  1. i love the polka dot dress!!



  2. Love those hot pink shoes! so cute. and i love that polka dot dress you got. lovely!


  3. I am in love with those shoes!!! :)
    you have some great stuff here!

  4. Love the cute red pumps! Everyone needs a pair!

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's so weird because I was actually reading your blog when I saw that you had commented on mine LOL. Anyways I love those shoes and your blog. I am your newest follower. Keep up the great work chica. Follow back if you like my blog as well :)

  6. Love the cute cardigan and polka dot dress! I look forward to more fashion tips from your page.
    new follower :)

  7. I really like the leopard shoes, your husband has good taste!

  8. I love your ring organizer ... !! so cute! I am now following you follow me back if you want :)



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