quarta-feira, agosto 15, 2012

My Nail Braids

My Nail Braids, Im so loving this new trend right now, braiding even on nails? why not?! It's one of my favorite nail art. How cute and easy to do. It's just like braiding your hair. but of course using your nail polish, you just have to paint each of your nails with a nail polish of your choice one at a time, so that it wont smudge everytime your painting the other color on top of the first coat.  I prefer using 3 nail color polish. I also tried using two colors of nail polish but it end up just like my thumb nail as you can notice. Hope you like this braided nails and also tried doing them. 

2 comentários:

  1. Olá flor, adorei as unhas.. ficaram lindas!

  2. great nail art!!



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