terça-feira, julho 09, 2013

Accesories Haul and Pilligrim Nail Art

Hi Loves! Well it's been a while since I posted my Nail Art's and Accessories Haul. Ive missed all of my previous nail arts and did'nt even bother to take some pics to show them to you guys. I don't know you guys but me, sometimes I just need some inspiration whenever im down to keep me going of what I really love doing that's why ive been out here for almost 2 months. Hope you all understands.
By the way let's move on to my nail art, Im not sure if it is Pilligrim, correct me if im wrong?! I love the ethnic bit of style, unique and chic right?How about the accessories? Actually the Maxi Neckllaces was sponsored, you can check em out at right side of my Blog. And some of them that ive been selling 2 mons. ago, but after getting a new job, I can't find time to post and resell on my facebook acct, So i think all of this will be permanently mine now! Hehe!
Well What do you think guys?? LOve love love the post? Please comment and let me know! I really need some positive feedback and inspiring message from my loyal readers here!
Kisses and loves! Fashionettista!

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