segunda-feira, setembro 23, 2013

Birthday bash Look

                   Happy Birthday to me! Yay!  Im already 29 I can't believe how time fly fast! It's just like I turned 19 yesterday! Heheh! Oh by the way please don't mind my belly fats! Im trying to loose weight by not eating anything at all after 6pm, So let us see the result then. So for the birthday post I just opted for a simple tank top and Origami white short that I recently bought at a chinese store nearby and of course my recently favorite metal gold belt. And if you like the sketch photos, just download the application #sketchguru.
Thank you and see you on my next post! Promise ill do my best to take more photos of my outfits.

3 comentários:

  1. You look gorgeous doll, Happy Birthday to you...I hope all your wishes come true!! xx

  2. Que linda,arrasou!
    E esses dois sinais na perna em? Que perfeitos $ ♥ S Amei viu ?
    Arrasou *--*

    BLOG: http://tudodiferentecomsamaralima.blogspot.com.br

    / Instagram: instagram.com/samara_03

    Big beijos, *-*

  3. Uau que look lindo, aceita parabéns super atrasado? rs
    Te desejo tudo de melhor, muitos anos de vida e que todos os seus sonhos se realizem! ^^


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